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From When And Until When



My favorite song from the album obviously ^^…I like the idea of a guy singing (like an angel :3) and a girl rapping.

So I just saw Transformers: Age of Extinction with my family…ok I know…you might be thinking ‘what took you long?’ Well I was reaaaaally busy ok? *sigh*

ANYWAY….I completely forgot Hangeng was in the movie….so when I saw this scene at the movie theater


I think he’s- *points at the screen* AH! That’s Hangeng!

My bro:


Of course when I saw that some people were looking at me I had a different reaction…

*sigh*  Danm u kpop! (not really…I love it :3)

High School – Love On Ep 1 & 2

Woohyun is so cute. Seul Bi is cute. Sungyeol is so cute (in his own way). Everyone are just…


And the new school…Srly is that a flower boy school?

Talking about other things……WHY IS EVERYBODY SO MEAN? Poor Namu~ He does the good things but in the end he’s punished…SO UNFAIR!

Also….am I the only one who wants to see a scene with Seul Bi and Sungyeol? I wanna see him smile…

Its okay, its love 😍 on We Heart It.

Its okay, its love 😍 on We Heart It.

It’s Okay That’s Love Ep 2

This drama is awesome! There are so much happening there. It seems that not only the patients need help to get their life fixed.
Now some spoilers
-When Jae Yul told Hae Soo about the cute cheating bastard

and it did…It was a funny fight in the end n.n….Too bad that Jae Yul ended up being punished with the cool shoulder :/

- There is a scene when they watch Running Man! My feels~~~

-Last but not least…He is so cute

It’s Okay That’s Love Ep 1

So far the story is good. Even though my main reason to watch the drama is….ActorSoo aka, Squishysoo aka You’re-so-cute-Kyungsoo..*cough* sorry…I’m familiar with the work of Kwang Soo too

Back to the drama…there are funny scenes and also some scenes that make you think. I like that n.n

Since I have an exam, I’ll use the excuse that the eng subs aren’t done yet and I’ll wait and watch ep 2 at night.

,  image

Well well… It seems the tables have turned, Kyungsoo Fanboy :V
One of us one of us one of us

Well well… It seems the tables have turned, Kyungsoo Fanboy :V

One of us one of us one of us

Really?! Asa~

Really?! Asa~

Me when I realized that It’s Okay That’s love released the first ep on July 23rd. I forgot!

And I can’t watch it now because I have to study for an exposition!

He looks so squishy!

Me in the beginning of BACK